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The Truth Behind DomisLive and DJ Akademiks Beef

More than a million viewers have subscribed to DJ Akademiks Youtube channel which has over 530 million views. Akademiks dropping jewels on Chicago gang life, Hip Hop music and entertainment news made him a Youtube success on a global scale. Gossip reporting, spreading rumors about popular and […]

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How To Be A Famous Youtuber In 2016

How To Be A Famous Youtuber In 2016 Now more than ever, young hopefuls are looking to make it big in a new type of Hollywood; YouTube. They are moving to Los Angeles not to get any acting gigs but to be a part of the rising […]

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Content Creators Retaliate Against New Youtube Rules With #Youtubeisoverparty

Content Creators Retaliate Against New Youtube Rules With #Youtubeisoverparty YouTube is now enforcing new rules about which videos it can allow to be monetized and which cannot. This kind of differentiation is based on the content these videos contain. In fact, they are taking it very seriously. […]

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Blue Check Please! Twitter verification now open to the public

Blue Check Please! Twitter verification now open to the public Not a twitter celebrity? No problem, twitter can still verify your account. Recently, twitter opened up its’ verification process to the public, so now any one can get a blue check. Previously, twitter only accepted applications from […]

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Is Kanye’s “Famous” Video too risqué?

Is Kanye’s “Famous” Video too risqué? Kanye’s “Famous” video stirred up a whole lot of controversy. After all, a shaky camera that slowly moves and lingers on a row of sleeping figures sprawled on a large bed is pretty creepy. All these wax figures of naked celebrities […]

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Youtube Partner Program

How to Become a YouTube Partner? The concept of video blogging is catching up every day and YouTube is one of the best sites where people love to host their videos. By joining the YouTube Partnership program you too can earn money when you upload videos. The […]

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How can publicity help your video go viral?

  There are a number of things you can do to provide publicity so that your video reaches viral fame. You need to post a video that is truly creative. It must be so amazing that people are unbelievably impressed. This is the basic for making any […]

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What is Youtube SEO and How Does it Get Your Video More Exposure?

  You always want your video to get the highest exposure possible.  YouTube SEO can help you get a high amount of views if done correctly. SEO is designed to get your video ranking high at the top of search engines. This means that you require a […]

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How can Youtube and Vevo help rappers get famous?

5 Things YouTube And Vevo Does To Help You Get Famous! Wanted to become famous as a rapper? Want a good and flourishing career in a music? If the answer is yes, then Youtube and Vevo is here to help you. The privileges provided by both these […]

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How to get more subscribers on YouTube

How to get more subscribers on YouTube The best platform for video blogging is definitely YouTube. It is true that most people like to watch a video than reading 10 pages of writings. YouTube is the agent to share your thoughts through videos. YouTube can take you […]

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