How To Be A Famous Youtuber In 2016

How To Be A Famous Youtuber In 2016

Now more than ever, young hopefuls are looking to make it big in a new type of Hollywood; YouTube. They are moving to Los Angeles not to get any acting gigs but to be a part of the rising social media hub. Tubillionaires like Philip DeFranco, Jeffree Star, PewDiePie make millions a year from YouTube and sponsors. Newcomers wishing to be the new Tubillionaires are invited to YouTube’s Next Up camp in hopes of achieving their dreams.

Why YouTube

People are turning to YouTube to gain a lucrative and full-time career on the social media giant. Advertisers throw over $500 billion annually to YouTube creators not counting endorsement deals with sponsors. When demonization hit many YouTubers, some like Trisha Paytas did not suffer having separate deals with companies like Adam and Eve as well as others. The Young Turks with over 3 Million subscribers, post many videos deemed controversial but have not suffered much income loss due to sponsorship outside of YouTube. Aside from sponsorship, famous YouTubers also enjoy lucrative book deals, and even TV appearances due their channel popularity.

YouTube channels with at least three million subscribers are considered in the upper echelon and benefit from many perks. These famous YouTubers are mobbed by fans on the street, invited to exclusive parties and given studio space to create more content on the $86.22 billion platform. No wonder so many dream of YouTube fame however, gaining fans and becoming popular is more challenging than ever as simply utilizing a webcam to create a video no longer suffices.

In 2016, there are over 2,500 channels that claim over a million subscribers, and it actually means that less than .01% of YouTubers have been able to hit that benchmark. So you know the odds now. But this has not stopped aspiring YouTubers from trying to make it big here.

YouTube is hosting week long bootcamps in order to help its promising stars. The creators who get admitted to this NextUp camp are granted mentorship from YouTube besides access to its 20,000-square-foot space for production and a $2,500 voucher for getting equipment too.

Besides subscribers, these creators need to focus on other numbers too; namely likes, comments, views, and so on. It can get overwhelming.

The NextUp initiative aims to give aspiring rising stars a leg up in attaining monumental success on YouTube. They devote millions of dollars into original content that are “eye-catchy” and well produced. Hence NextUp has been instrumental in paving the way for more successful content creators. Attendees are delving into the program giving everything they have in hopes of making it big on YouTube. During the NextUp camp, YouTube allows creators to hook up with managers who can help to create and market their brands. They also help by answering questions about copyright, and can do a complete analysis of the channel’s performance too!

Since YouTube changed their monetization rules, will the new NextUp champs get hit as well? For educational purposes, attendees may be given some leeway in figuring out what content works and what does not. Despite the leg up NextUp gives, new YouTubers still feel the pressure of not only making it on YouTube, but having enough money to live in Los Angeles where all the action is. YouTubers living in LA feel the pressure of generating money in addition to the unrelenting competition with the other social media stars in Los Angeles. This kind of obsession takes away the fun from it all. Once you start thinking about bringing in money, it becomes more like a job. It is all so competitive and hence makes it tough to stand out.

To reduce the pressure, many creators today hire Multi-channel Networks to help in marketing them as a professional brand for a share of profits made. Such partnerships allow creators to do what they love best and that is to create. While some can’t afford to partner right away, it is possible to collaborate with other YouTubers. Collaborating with YouTubers is for the most part free unless you pay a big channel to promote your own. Benefits of collaborations are greater exposure, more subscribers and views.

The downside of collaborations is the drama that can ensue. Reaching out and interacting with another channel may seem innocent enough but at the end of the day, they are separate brands. If things “go left”, YouTubers especially Vloggers can post about you for all to see. This has led to legal action, restraining orders and in a recent case, criminal charges. While collabs are free, defamation of character can happen and that’s a hefty price to pay.

In conclusion, take it from YouTube’s NextUp and focus on content. Despite all the drama channels that keep popping up, viewers want more quality content than such channels can provide. Focus on graphics, a high quality visual that’s eye catchy is sure to win over audiences. Content may be king but promotion is the key! Don’t stop promoting your videos and ask friends, family to assist you in promoting. Many times videos fail to catch-on because of lack of YouTube promotion. Visit the Fameviews YouTube and other video promotion tabs to increase chances of success on the billion dollar social platform.

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