Did the MTV 2016 VMAs snub Taylor Swift over Kanye feud?

Did the MTV 2016 VMAs snub Taylor Swift over Kanye feud?

In an unforeseen turn of events, Taylor Swift was snubbed at this year’s MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) nominations.  She is no doubt taking out her vengeance on Kanye West who featured the “Bad Blood” pop star ‘naked’ in his controversial video “Famous”. Did the KimYe tag team really cause MTV to shun the ‘1989’ singer?


Taylor Swift, 26, had scored 10 nominations for her Bad Blood last year and earning a whopping six VMA awards for past releases. However, Taylor’s Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams and New Romantics videos failed to earn any VMA nominations for 2016. Now her fans are shocked that she did not make this year’s VMA list. What went wrong and how can Taylor Swift pull it together for next year’s VMAs?


Feuding with her arch-nemesis Kanye West who received two nods for his ‘Famous’ video definitely gave Taylor Swift some bad press. The controversial visual received nominations for Best Male Video and Video of The Year 2016. Whilst, Taylor was totally looked over so is this a coincidence or just a case of not enough publicity for her music? The Swift team claims that her videos we’re either right before the eligible VMA time frame or right after thus disqualifying the pop star. However, music critics are not so sure with many citing Kim’s audio telephone leak with Taylor’s voice having a negative impact on her nominations.


Kanye West, the rapper and his wife, Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star created a firestorm in recent weeks with the release of audio showing Kanye on the phone with Taylor going over his rap lines with her. Taylor is also featured in Kanye’s Famous video along with Rihanna, Trump and other prominent celebrities that the rapper had run-ins with. In the audio, Taylor is clearly heard giving Kanye the “green light” on some of the lines though people are wondering if the entire audio was leaked since Taylor claims the “b****” part in not in the audio.


Aside from the “Famous” rapper getting some nods, Beyonce and Adele also received VMA 2016 nominations. Beyoncé earned a career high of 11 nominations leading the pack for her critically acclaimed “Lemonade” visual album which include a nod for Best Cinematography and Best Choreography. Kendrick Lamar is also nominated for his riveting rendition of “Freedom” collaboration with Beyoncé.


Adele is not far behind with eight nominations for ‘Hello’ and ‘Send My Love To Your New Lover’ music earning her a nomination for Best Visual Effects.


Kanye is set to perform at this year’s VMAs and promises to have even more anti-Taylor Swift tirades. Hopefully Kanye won’t mention the rhyme that started the feud in the first place: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous.’ Make sure to tune in Sunday August 28th to watch Kanye live at the VMAs.


Kim Kardashian won’t be performing but already did her “mic drop” after leaking footage of the “Blank Space” singer giving Kanye permission to mention her in “Famous”. Many turned on Taylor Swift posting snake emojis on her Instagram page. The “Bad Blood” singer was very upset and turned to Kevin Instagram’s CEO for assistance. Swift now has a tool that blocks spam and negative comments posted on her Instagram profile pictures.


The Kanye, Kim and Taylor feud show no signs of slowing down. Other stars like Selena Gomez, Calvin Harris have chimed in choosing sides. Several stars have turned on Taylor including some in her “glam squad”. Swift is incensed by the betrayal since she stated: ‘Where is Kanye in this audio telling me he was calling me b***h in that song? It never happened.’ So based on this reasoning, Taylor does not understand why some friends have turned on her.


Kim Kardashian is taking it all in stride, even posting a video of herself singing along to Kanye’s controversial song, Famous. Even the usual grumpy Kanye is all smiles; last seen beaming from ear to ear as he was heading out of his Beverly Hills recording studio. This may be one giant publicity stunt to promote some new album or show but for Taylor’s new boyfriend, it’s not so amusing. Tom Hiddleston was at first over the moon stealing the American Beauty from Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. However, as Calvin started divulging certain truths, and Kim adding the proof, well things took a turn in the wrong direction for Hiddleston. The once rumored new 007 seems to no longer be in the running for the lucrative role and Armani has dropped its’ offer to have Hiddleston as the face of its’ Italian Fall line.


The once portrayed “All American” sweet girl is now perceived as a snake and kryptonite for the men she dates. Some of Taylor’s exes have failed to recover career wise and Hiddleston fans are concerned that he may be her next casualty.


How can such a beautiful songstress be tangled up in such drama? More importantly, how can Taylor Swift turn things around and get back on top? Leave the romance out of the headlines. New romance does not always equate to good publicity if there is a bitter ex in the midst. Calvin may have reasons to be upset but the outbursts did not help Taylor’s career or new relationship. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Taylor built her brand off of being a “self-made” and self-taught girl next door singer/song-writer. Swift claims that she taught herself how to play the guitar, however when the website http://www.iTaughtTaylorSwift.com was live, it was clear that she had a teacher and essentially a career boost thus not truly self-taught or probably self-made. Taylor decided to sue her former guitar teacher showing just how ruthless she can be since she was indeed taught how to play the guitar by the teacher.


Taylor also let her friends fight many of her battles on social media, doing the dirty work which backfired on some affecting their careers. There’s definitely “collateral damage” surrounding the Pop princess and Taylor is not always there to help her friends get back up. Rumor has it that when Demi and Selena went at it over “Black Lives Matter”, Taylor later dropped her best friend from the squad. Don’t ride for Taylor since one might die alone! Ouch! Taylor truly cares about her career and people in her circle seem to be more pawns than actual friends or love interests. Taylor is despite all the drama really talented, so best option is to focus on the music and keep the personal relationship out of the public eye.

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