The Truth Behind DomisLive and DJ Akademiks Beef

More than a million viewers have subscribed to DJ Akademiks Youtube channel which has over 530 million views. Akademiks dropping jewels on Chicago gang life, Hip Hop music and entertainment news made him a Youtube success on a global scale. Gossip reporting, spreading rumors about popular and upcoming new school rappers as well as publishing satirical articles on social issues was the formula DJ Akademiks used to gain that Youtube and rap world popularity. He is well known in the music world not by producing music but by reporting gossip online. Young Hip Hop fans consider him the “go to” source for rumors and viral news pertaining to the popular Hip Hop musicians.


In addition to his Youtube fans, Akademiks also has over 1 Million Twitter followers and roughly 90,000 Instagram followers. DJ also live streams any breaking Hip Hop news on Twitch. This “constant engagement” built up trust among DJ Akademiks gang called Chat Ninjas; the term is derogatory so we will say Ninjas for this discussion. Whenever anyone attacks Akademiks, his Ninjas go hard launching a most virulent onslaught online. Unfortunately for Akademiks, the same can’t be done in the physical world so he keeps bodyguards around now. Creating a brotherhood and posting exclusive timely content that viewers would engage with most garnered Akademiks an unstoppable presence online rivaling that of Complex prior to his employment there.


 Trusting his followers

DJ Akademiks never goes after something which is making a flutter all over the country. He gathers information through the tips provided by fans. Before going to blogs and gossip sites, these fans go to Akademiks with their tips. DJ will be receiving hundreds of videos pertaining to a particular incident or program about which there is a gossip. He will reach out the individual concerned to check the details. However, most of the times he fails to get response. DJ Akademiks always trusts his followers and considers that his followers reflect his mind only. He is confident that what is relevant to him is relevant to the followers also and his followers are just like him only – they listen to music just like him, think like him, react like him and also act like him. Hence, if his followers pay attention to a topic he is sure that the topic is relevant for the discussion. DJ Akademiks actively makes comments when he disagrees with his audience. Unlike Charlamagne or Vlad, Akademiks tries to prop up unwanted beliefs that are common among people. While doing that, he may not be sharing his opinion. He knows to make people to get engaged in controversial views.


DomisLive and DJ Akademiks beef

The beef between DomisLive and DJ Akademiks has already hit the Youtube headlines. But, what could be the truth behind this beef? Was DJ Akademiks trying to say that DomisLive became a famous YouTuber not by working hard but by playing dirty? DomisLive’s intention was to steal 300,000 of DJ Akademiks followers by pretending to be his fan even making donations during live chats! He studied Akademiks tatics and found a “weakness” that allowed him to steal that many followers! During one live stream, rapper Lil Boom and Akademiks confronted DomisLive insinuating that there’s certain news that he shouldn’t be covering at all; namely Hip Hop news. That’s what got Akademiks on and he is afraid that DomisLive may dethrone him as the King of Hip Hop gossip. The exchange was heated, Akademiks felt betrayed since they had a long-established 5-year friendship. DomisLive was the one who introduced Akademiks to live streaming on Twitch in the first place. DomisLive’s sudden burst of popularity in Hip Hop news on Youtube makes Akademiks uncomfortable now seeing a former friend as a competitor.

Prior to doing Hip Hop news, Youtube terminated DomisLive channel for severe violation of their Terms of Service. Though all details are not yet clear, it is a fact that DomisLive lost his You Tube channel and had to switch lanes to stay on the social network’s good side. Many speculated that a famous Rockstar was behind the termination. However, other GTA YouTubers reported the same news but were not terminated. Only DomisLive was terminated.

Why? Youtube terminates channels that use spam tags so once the network notices them, it may terminate such channels. The tags used by DomisLive in his description were spam and hence his channel was terminated. Viewers accused DomisLive of these misleading tags and that repeated use of words like “heists” was wrong since the video did not discuss that topic. When the channel fails to provide information suggested by video tags, the viewers feel as if watching the channel is a sheer waste of time.

When his first You Tube channel was banned, DomisLive moved over to his second channel. When one You Tube channel is banned and he makes another channel before getting the ban on the first channel reversed, as per the rules the second channel also will be banned. However, the second channel of DomisLive was banned not because he created the second channel but because it was found that he used pictures which were already used by the Rockstar website. But, this is only a copyright strike which is different from Flag. Flag is applicable when the rules set by You Tube are violated by way of spam tagging or bullying.

As a result of such bans, DomisLive needed a lane safe enough but popular enough to get big on Youtube. Enter Hip Hop gossip, by the time DomisLive started discussing this music genre, Akademiks moved over to Complex News and became a bit less visible on Youtube. The DJ fell behind on the mega platform, and DomisLive slid in to save his channel from being terminated and make enough views to still have good Adsense money. Prior to Akademiks “Everyday Struggle” show with rapper/podcast host Joe Budden, Complex News was sinking faster than the Titanic. Magazine readers we’re tired of their outdated news and lost much viewership to DJ Akademiks. Complex hired Akademiks to save their magazine largely staffed by non-minorities in his own words. Akademiks on the other hand was hoping to make a lot of money and given the Adsense crisis during April 2017 he hopped on the chance.

Maybe lacking a manager or effective support team, Akademiks failed to realize the game Complex would really play with Joe Budden’s help. Budden is a director at Complex making him industry, Akademiks is an independent internet blogger that managed to surpass major industry heads. He failed to realize that they only hired him to “neutralize” his impact in Hip Hop and gain his fans somewhat like DomisLive! Taking advice from another industry head Charlamagne Tha God who uses the 48 Laws of Power any chance he gets was not smart. Charlamagne threw Akademiks under the bus any chance he got including Vic Mensa, Wale, Migos and the list goes on. Budden and Charlamagne teamed up to apply 50 Cent’s 50th Law of Power once all the 48 ones ran out!

Akademiks played all this off charging it to the game. It’s one thing to play stupid and then get mad when someone benefits from that stupidity. Akademiks beefing with DomisLive shows he did not think leaving Youtube for Complex would hurt him as much. Complex managed to turn Akademiks into a laughing stock in Hip Hop and without respect there’s only so far one can go in the game. Akademiks is literally a meme although a funny, popular one, it’s still not what Hip Hop was built on or is about even today. Almost every rapper presses Akademiks on his show! Even those he considered as friends, 21 Savage called up Budden first not Akademiks to discuss the DJ’s dissing Amber Rose.

All the commotion made Akademiks reconsider working at Complex and returning to Youtube. But Houston we have a problem now. Complex took over DJ Akademiks search algorithm so only their videos show up on Youtube’s first page when searching the term “Akademiks”.

Before, only Akademiks channel names and videos showed up, now unless you have him on notifications, viewers won’t see his new postings. The DJ may have single-handedly saved a dying platform but got “kicked in the ass” because he was their biggest threat. Now his entire brand boils down to a meme and can’t even rank any of his Youtube videos on his own name! Akademiks was willfully ignorant since many of his Chat Ninjas implored him to stay on Youtube. He “dropped the ball” and DomisLive picked it up and now is doing very well on Youtube.

Love the industry but!!! It’s loyal to no one and anyone can be replaced at any-time unfortunately. Chris Brown said “these h…. ain’t loyal” well neither are industry “friends”. They can turn on you if they feel threatened or want to move higher up on the ladder. Youtube channel friends are great but understand each channel is a brand and brands do what’s best for brands in the end. Akademiks is willfully ignorant, passing opinions as facts and not understanding laws of attraction. No one is attracted to someone who they don’t respect in the end. In addition, Youtube is competitive and another channel can gain the popularity he once had. Most independent Hip Hop bloggers like Taxstone are NOT to be messed with although no one needs to be with the “isshhh” to be respected these days. So some bloggers don’t like the way Akademiks represents them and may replace him just for better representation.

Working hard is no longer enough these days, it’s better to work smarter; best way to stay ahead. Rick Ross said it best “keep the grass low to see the snakes”. Complex did Akademiks dirty not because they don’t like him but needed to neutralize their biggest threat. Another saying is “not all money is good money”. Akademiks could have turned down Complex and got money on YouNow which many Youtubers as big as him now do. On a positive note, Akademiks has die-hard fans and is a fan favorite in the industry so the love can keep him around a long time.

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